Goods processing

Capturing the needs of the cosmetic and health food market, products with high demand, we are committed to giving the best advice to customers and understanding the desires of consumers through products. Latest technology, update the highest demand of the market in each moment.

With a professional team of Doctors, Pharmacists, well-trained R&D team and technology transfer from developed countries such as Korea, Japan…, We have been consulting Package consulting, receiving production outsourcing for many businesses, clinics, bosses and for a number of brands of different product lines.

We are confident that we can keep up with and lead the trend of producing quality product lines as well as constantly improving to bring perfect experiences and products to customers.

We receive package processing from brands, designs, packaging, bottles, high demand products… at the Factory; legal support, product announcement, bar code, anti-counterfeiting stamp… with the most optimal cost price.

Gia Cong My Pha

Baliogo always wants to create products with the brand name ‘Made in Vietnam’ that ensures prestige, safety and quality. We are confident to satisfy all high technical requirements, to satisfy the requirements of the international standard quality system, the GMP system of the Ministry of Health. With modern technology and a team of good engineers, the factory always ensures the quality and quantity of products, ready to supply to domestic and foreign markets.

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