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BALIOGO Green Technology Factory Create green life from quality products

Baliogo Green Technology Factory is a leading natural trend producer in Vietnam, under the Baliogo Group, with a charter capital of nearly VND 200 billion.
The factory was built in 2021 in Tan Dan commune, Khoai Chau district, Hung Yen province, Vietnam on an area of ​​​​13,000m2, including the operating area and the production and warehousing subdivision.
In particular, the factory is equipped with a system of modern, automatic and self-contained machinery according to international standards to help strictly control the production process. The automated production process reduces the operator’s work intensity and avoids quality problems caused by human factors, thus greatly improving product quality and production efficiency.
Group 920


To become a symbol of trust and the leading choice of consumer goods, cleaning products, health food and cosmetics in Vietnam and internationally.
Striving to be in the top of prestigious, quality and safe Vietnamese brands according to national and international standards, chosen by domestic and foreign consumers.

Group 921


With the motto of quality first, our company ensures to always produce quality products and diversify products to meet all the needs of domestic customers and reach out to the international market. . We are committed to producing quality products for the community. Thereby contributing to society to develop a healthy and sustainable living environment.

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Core values

Quality: At BALIOGO Green Technology Factory, all activities come from passion and unceasing commitment to perfect quality in all products and services.
Prestige: We aim for fairness, transparency and respect among parties.
Accompanying development: Being socially and environmentally responsible in all operating communities and countries.


Outstanding Achievement

BALIOGO Green Technology Factory is currently one of the leading companies in the field of manufacturing Cosmetics – Pharmaceutical cosmetics in Vietnam, with:
  • With collaborative research experts, including: Professors, PhDs, dermatologists
  • Viện nghiên cứu hợp tác để chuyển giao đề tài nghiên cứu
  • Produce more than 100 different kinds of cosmetics
  • Being a strategic partner of more than 100 companies distributing cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in Vietnam
Thanks to owning existing advantages and achievements, BALIOGO green technology factory is confident to become your leading production partner! Give us a chance, you will get more value.
Certificates of merit and certificates for the factory system

Sustainable Development

We take the criterion: “Safety for consumers – Eco-friendly” as a guideline in the production process with the goal of bringing to customers genuine quality products, originating from clear, diverse designs and safe to be able to meet all needs of daily consumption with a professional and respectful manner to customers.

Continuous efforts to bring customers the best quality products, consider customer satisfaction as a measure of success. We measure our own success on the basis of the success of our customers. That success is necessarily based on the real quality of the product, reasonable price and outstanding difference.