Producing cosmetics and health food

Baliogo Green Technology Factory has the capacity to research and produce many different dosage forms, with many health care food products, cosmetic products, contributing to the treatment and prevention of many diseases and care. beauty care, health care for consumers.

The factory produces health foods from natural sources of medicinal herbs with a line of soft capsules, liquid and powder forms, using the most advanced nano-separation technology available today.

Cosmetic workshop with production lines for a variety of products such as cream, serum, lotion, gel, lipstick, perfume..

With the investment in science and technology and a team of skilled professionals, dedicated in research and production, Baliogo Green Technology Factory is confident to provide quality, safe and effective pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. trusted and chosen by partners.

Gia Cong My Pha

Baliogo always wishes to create products with the brand name ‘Made in Vietnam’ ensuring prestige, safety and quality. We are confident to satisfy all high technical requirements, to satisfy the requirements of the international standard quality system, the GMP system of the Ministry of Health. With modern technology and a team of good engineers, the factory always ensures the quality and quantity of products, ready to supply to domestic and foreign markets.

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