Manufacturing cleaning products

Baliogo Green Technology Factory is the gathering place of a team of highly trained professional consultants at home and abroad. The staff has extensive experience in the field of manufacturing products in the cleaning segment.

Natural trend liquid detergent consumables products were born on advanced production lines, meeting strict inspection standards.

Up to now, the factory has created millions of high-quality washing liquid and cleaning products on modern lines with strict production and testing processes. As a result, the product has received good feedback from customers, meeting the needs of the domestic market and exporting to major markets such as: Korea, Japan, Thailand, Russia.

Gia Cong My Pha

Baliogo always wants to create products with the brand name ‘Made in Vietnam’ that ensures prestige, safety and quality. We are confident to satisfy all high technical requirements, to satisfy the requirements of the international standard quality system, the GMP system of the Ministry of Health. With modern technology and a team of good engineers, the factory always ensures the quality and quantity of products, ready to supply to domestic and foreign markets.

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